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We strongly believe in the old adage that your brand is your "promise." So our goal is to help you refine what your brand actually promises in the marketplace, and to find the best way to communicate and implement that promise to your customers.

We carry this out through all parts of the business cycle, from concept development and manufacturing, to strategic planning, marketing, sales, distribution, and the vital customer feedback loop.

In the fast moving product saturated markets of today, commercial success with any new product or idea is at once more difficult yet potentially more rewarding than ever before in history.

Some helpful tools...

Q.S. Evaluator

It is very important to understand that this is only an evaluation tool, and not a predictive tool. Marketing is an extremely fluid and dynamic discipline.

QS helps us to place some quantitative handles on the wide array of abstract and disparate components which may contribute to a product's potential success. We can then use the results as a starting point from which we begin to formulate an effective marketing strategy.

Over the years we have developed a number of proprietary tools and techniques to make the service we provide more meaningful. One of these tools is an extremely helpful analytical system for evaluating products or projects.

We call this system "Quantified Subjectivity" or "QS".

The way QS works is that we first look at a product or project to determine the most important characteristics, steps, features, or benefits which should be components to its success. Then we apply values to each component through application of purely subjective judgment based on years of marketing experience. We finally begin to piece each component together like pieces in a puzzle, ensuring that their relative values are appropriate.

Once we are done, we may apply this new QS formula to this or any similar product or project and be rewarded with a meaningful numeric indication of its relative potential to succeed in the marketplace.

FREE Q.S. Product Evaluator

More to come...

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